The Liquid Flow Festival is about exploring the possibilities of fluidity in water and on land. With one water and one land class a day we invite the integrational approach into our journey to enrich our life. Every evening we offer an other activity like Jams, Free Dance, Singing Circles, Bone Fire Party / Beach Party or different surprises.

These are the classes we will share with you and there might be more coming up to choose from if we have more participants!

Water Contact Dance with Alex and Tanja Siebenstern and Vale Vida:


CI in the Water is magical, like flying and we are happily exited to share one of our biggest passion with you! In the classes we will explore different possibilities to play depending on witch kind of condition you meet. We will learn about breathing, moving our own bodies softly through the 3-dimensional space and how to contact, give impulses and stay stay together in a dance with other bodies. We will give space to experience yourself in dances with one or more partners, from shallow into deep water.

Aguahara with Alex Siebenstern und Vale Vida:


Aguahara is an holistic attempt of unifying the techniques which already exists to get into the essence beyond the technique. In this workshop we will give an introduction into the philosophy and the meditative flow of Aguahara. We will learn some basic techniques how to float somebody in the water, give safety and trust but in the same time freedom and flow.

Blissful Floating&Flowing with Tanja Siebenstern & Vale Vida:


This class is nothing about technique. It is jsut about beeing. Beeing open, curious, loving, flowing, playful, experimenting and exploring. We will lead you through a jouney about letting go of the mind and dive deep into the world of a blissful awareness of the senses.  Feel save and ambraced while floating and give love and support from your heart to others.

Beach Body Jouney with Tanja Siebenstern & Andrea Scheer:


Dive deep into a world of sound and  sensations. Connect to the earth and the core of yourself to be able to let go and desolve into ocean…

Contact Improvisation with Andrea Scheel:


From sensations to forms, from water flow to fire strength

Water as fire, flow as strength. How to use momentum to either rise or fall on a surface or even on one’s perspective of self by experiencing inner and outer flows. Through a full body warm up, we will sharpen the body’s mind and expand our body awareness to then explore the use of different sensations and body- visualization techniques to move, connect, improvise and create. We’ll focus on basic CI (Contact impro) technique…and if time expands enough…the body as object, physical levers for flying contact, outreach tools for performing.

Agua como fuego, el fluir como fortaleza. Cómo utilizar el momentum para elevar o caer sobre una superficie o sobre uno mismo experimentando los flujos internos y externos. Por medio de un calentamiento corporal, avivaremos la mente del cuerpo, aumentando nuestra conciencia corporal para explorar sensaciones, visualizaciones y técnicas para movernos, conectar, improvisar y crear. Nos enfocaremos en la técnica básica de Contact Impro…y si el tiempo lo permite… el cuerpo como objeto, palancas físicas para contacto de altura y herramientas para performance.

Voice with Sonal Aggarwal: 


The chakra of the throat is one of the gateways to our inner experience. A gateway that is very sensitive and very easy to close! Before we start to sing, we will talk a bit about the voice and the emotional and physical blockages often linked to it! Many who think they “can’t sing” often first need to heal their relationship with their voice. Then they can start to build the relationship with the newly discovered voice. Then we play with the voice, experiencing sound as an actual physical vibration. Through play we begin to flow with our voice and co create a different kind of vibrational space. Come share another dimension of flow.

Buffon and Contact Imrovisation  with Niss Bach:


The buffoon represents liquidity in life it self, the buffoon is always changing to fit his environment s/he is in! That way he can support and make everybody else shine even brighter!! in this workshop we will exercise our ability to create as a collective and evolve our multi sensational mind!!

Music by Mica Ella and friends:


Mica Ella A.K.A Nalini Blossom is a sound healer and devotional singer ,originally from UK
Over the last 15 years , she has been on a journey around the world , immersing herself in various musical styles which embrace many sacred traditions including Indian mantras , Hebrew prayers , Sufi Zikr , Medicine chants from Amazonian Rainforest and Mexica ( Red Road) tradition ,to name but a few . She holds devotional music circles internationally and has recently worked with incorporating prayersongs in cacao ceremonies …As a service to Gaia , Mica Ella has also been working with the EarthGrid and Planetary chakra points through ceremony incorporating Light and Sound in many sacred sites .
One of Mica Ella ‘s greatest’s loves , however , is to improvise in flow and open space with other musicians . In London , UK , she co created The Sacred Sound Collective , a group of musicians that came together to create improvisational prayer space for meditation and dance .
At the Liquid Flow Festival in Mazunte , Mica Ella will be co creating an open flow musical jam with some magical musicians to transport the dancers deep into various moods and rhythms for the evening contact improv jams …a synergistic co creation between the dancers , the dance , the musicians and the music , in open space .


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