ººº March 10th till march 15th Mazunte – Zibolite, Mexico ººº

We would like to invite you to a journey deep inside of your senses and the joy of embodiment.  A space where one encounters and experiences that 70% of water we are. Exploring the possibility of liquidity in the flow of life we feel through that qualities we have given and learning about movement through contact, floating, improvisational dancing and music. This festival is an invitation for everybody who wants to connect with their body, mind and spirit in an exploration, playful, curious and integration way together with lovely people with the same aim.

Come and feel the flow of life!


Here are some facts:

  • Festival will last for 6 evenings and 5 days
  • it will take place in diverse locations in Mazunte to Zipolite
  • it will be with morning- and afternoon classes and Jams in the evenings
  • we will suggest accommodations and organise affortable food
  • We made a great deal! Dorm bed and 3 meals a day for the Festival will be about 800Peso (that’s 50Eur) only 🙂
  • the priceis between 1800 and 2500Peso – excl. Food and accommodation (that’s 113 to 156Eur)
  • early bird price till Feb 28th

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